Heavy & Unusual Items

All items fall under hourly rate with trip cover.
 Advance notice required  as special equipment may be needed.

Gun Safe Relocation

Let expereinced movers with proper moving equipmet assure a safe and painless relocation for a heavy safe. Gun Safes differ in size and shape. A third mover may be required depending on size and path-way of gun safe. Our standard moving hourly rate and a one time trip cover apply. No extra charge for gun safe.

Upright Piano Relocation

We are able to move upright pianos with no special equipment other than our standard moving equipment we carry in each truck. There is no extra charge for uprights. A third mover may be needed in rare cases.

Grand Piano Relocation

A third mover and special equipment is required to move grand pianos. There is no extra charge other than the time it takes to prep and have 3 movers safely trasport a grand piano.

Hot Tub Relocation

Hot tubs may prove to be bulky and the pathway may require 4 movers. Please give us as much details as possible so we may send you the appriate number of movers for a Hot Tub relocation. Swift Movers LLC is not licensed to connect hot Tub. We can only relocate it and place it excactly where you want it.  There is no extra fees. Hourly rate and trip cover only apply.
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