• Swift Movers coveres any damage cause by our moving truck up to $300,000.  (Required by Law)
  • Items inside cargo are covered up to $5000 in an event of a vehicle accident.  (Required by Law)
  • All injury of Swift Movers' employees is the responsibility of Swift Movers LLC
  • Swift Movers coveres any approved scratch damage to floors and walls.
  • Commercial coverage up to $1,000,000 is covered for any damages to building structure.
  • Only 60 cents per pound per article liability by Swift Movers is provided for all items moved.

Reason for 60 cents per pound per article

Because it is your home and we are only there to do the job no matter what happens. As the home owner, you are controlling the environment and we are willing to work in less than perfect situations. We do offer upgraded protection services to help better serve you. However, we must do the packing and preperation before moving day.  Just some of the situations that we run into that can effect the safety of your items are...

  • Overloaded boxes where weight falls through the bottom
  • Overloaded boxes where box cant close nor stack correctly in moving truck
  • Improperly packed glasses in boxes
  • Lose pets such as dogs and cats running under us while carrying heavy items
  • Children throwing things at us
  • Non movers re-ordering our truck packing and making it “better”
  • Moving in hostile environments where fighting is happening during the move
  • TV's without the original packing box
  • Having 2 leaders telling movers conflicting plans
  • Carrying items while cleaning crew, carpet cleaners, and/or handymen are in work zone
  • Having liquids spill in boxes we did not pack
  • Having clutter in way while we carry items
  • Moving already damaged items
  • Moving items through passages ways less than 1 centimeter of the items dimensions
  • Not using correct packing materiels for particular items

No matter what you throw at us, we are there to complete the move and get you settled into your new location as swiftly as possible. We use our experience and high endurance to overcome any problem, that comes with the territory of moving.

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