These are all tips that can save hours of time from your move. We know it's a busy time and we know every move is not perfect. We don't complain and we work though less than perfect situations. Swift Movers offers these easy tips as ways to save you time, money, and headache.

        Know where your items are going. Labeling boxes with color coding or a marker will help your
        mover know where to take it instead of him stopping to ask you where each box may go.

        Assure you have all keys and passwords to storages and new apartment/ homes. You don't want your
        movers waiting around on the clock while the storage company is still issuing you a key.

        Give movers a detailed tour of your place and show movers what items you want special care on. When
        the movers know whats going and what's not, they are able to pack the truck more efficiently.

        Give movers another tour of the new place and tell movers where you would like your bed and other big
        items place. We seen many customers change their mind which costs them more time. Also, you don't
        want movers removing items.

        Please keep children and pets away from moving site as much as possible. Not only is it a safety issue
        but movers have to move slower to make sure they don't hurt anyone.

       When packing boxes, make sure they are closed. Movers can carry more per trip and they can stack them

      Any dis-assembly you may do on your own will help make the move swifter like washer/dryers, mirror's
      on dressers, tables, bunk beds. If you can't or don't want to do this, Swift Movers can do it at no extra

      Save us a good parking spot. If you live in apartments try to arrange a good parking spot where we can 
      park our moving truck as close as possible to your front door.

      Clear the clutter. It takes longer for a mover to clear a dresser top to move it and dance around items on
      the floor when carrying it away.

      Disconnect all the wires from back of TV's and entertainment consoles.

      Don't stress and let the movers do their job. Stress is contagious and I've seen the best movers rattled by

We aim to make your move swift and safe as possible. You as a customer play a role and these tips help us do our job swifter.
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